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  • JiangYin JiaYou Reducer Co., Ltd.

  •  [Jiangsu,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , Middle East , Worldwide
  • Exporter:31% - 40%
  • Certs:ISO9001, GMP
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JiangYin JiaYou Reducer Co., Ltd.

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About Us

JiangYinJiayou Reducer Co Ltdis specialized in manufacturing JIAYOU brand reducers It locates in No 89 crossroad between HuangHui road and FuRongavenue JiangYin City JiangSu Province JiaYouhas beenbuilt since 1953 Now We have produced the reducers about ten series of hundred reducers including B X cycloidal series especially for chemical food and beverage industry R series bevel gear motor K series helical bevel gear motor F series parallel helical gear motor and so on JiaYou has the high technical force and advanced testing methods for research and manufacturer of non standard reducers JiaYou had received a dozen of honorary and professional titles issued by national authorities due to its...

Categories and Products

Helical Gear Reducers

R Helical Gear Reducer

Mechanical Variable Speed Drive Gearbox R Series Gear Speed Reducer For Rotary Pumps 3 Stage Speed Reducer Gearbox Price Helical Worm Gear Electric Motor Speed Reducer 1:8 Ratio Gearbox Coaxial Helical 5 Hp Gear High Torque RF Helical Bevel Belt Conveyor High Torque RF Helical Belt Conveyor Industry R Series Helical Gear Bonfiglioli Gearbox Escalator Gearbox RF Gear Speed Reducer R Series Helical Inline Forward Reverse Gearbox Power Transmission Gearbox for Concrete Mixer Drive Helical Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery Customization Acceptable Variable Speed Gear Box And Motor R Series Helical Worm Electric Motor Reduction Gearbox Rigid Tooth Flank Helical Gear Speed Reducer Vertical Shaft Engine Harvester Helical Transmission Gearbox Conveyor Helical Gear Reducer Motor Blender RM Series Hot Air Circulation Worm Gear Reducer GearMotor Coaxial Helical Gear Worm Gearbox R series Eco-Friendly Planetary Reduction Gear with Great Price 

K Helical Gear Reducer

KA Series Bevel Helical Reducer with Hollow Shaft K Series Helical Bevel Gearbox Reduction Helical-Bevel Mounted Gear Speed Reducer Sew Equivalent Geared Motor Helical Bevel Gearbox K87 Sew Equivalent Geared Motor Export to Singapore K Series Helical Bevel Motor reducers Helical Geared Motor Speed Reducer For Screw Feeders Sew Equivalent Geared Motor Three Stage Drive Helical Bevel Gear Reduction Reducer for Sugar Mill K Series Gear Reducer Sew Conveyor Export America K Series Helical Bevel Gearbox Worm Reducer Trade Assurance Helical Speed Reducer Gearmotor Gearbox Transmission Driving Machine Small Helical Bevel Gearbox Vertical Gearbox Transmission Motor Reducer High Efficiency Gear Reducer Use For Refrigerator KF Electric Motor Speed Reducer With Hollow Shaft High Density Gear Reducer Use For Refrigerator Helical bevel Shaft Gear Reduction Helical box Certificate ISO Helical Geared Reduction Motor High Quality K Series Helical Bevel Transmission Gearbox 

F Helical Gear Reducer

Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotor F series F Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Transmission Industy 0.12-200KW Gearbox Parallel Shaft Controller Reducer FAF87 Hollow Shaft Flange Parallel Helical Geared Reducer F Series Paralled Shaft Reducer For Food Processing SEW Type Parallel Shaft Electric Motor Speed Reducer High Torque Low Speed Helical Gear Motor Foot Mounted Helical Gear Electric Motor Reducer High Quality Low-Noise Parallel Shaft General Reducer SEW standard F Series Parallel Shaft Shredder Gearbox Agitator Use Big Ratio Planetary Gear Motor F37 Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units Axis Wps Speed Reducer Gearbox for Excavator Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Worm Gearbox F series F Series Heavy Load Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer F Series Parallel Shaft Mounted Helical Reduction Gearbox High Torque Parallel Shaft Speed Reducer Helical Gearbox F Series Helical Bevel Cement Industry Speed Reducer FAF Paralle Shaft Helical Gearbox With Motor F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor Reducer 

S Helical Gear Reducer

S Series Helical Worm Gear Motor 1:30 Gearbox S Series Helical Worm Transmission Gear Box Reducer With Electric Motor with Good Service S Series Solid Helical Shaft Worm Speed Gearbox Low Output Helical Worm Speed Reducer Gearbox S Series Transmission Speed Reducer for Tower Crane Helical Geared Motor for Animal Feed Industry World Best Selling Products 90 Degree Gearbox Helical Worm Shaft Mounted Gear Speed Reducer S Series Helical Gear Motor for Cutting Machine Worm Speed Right Angle Inline Helical Gear Reducers Small Right Angle Helical-worm Motor Reducer Low Output Helical Worm Gear Motor Speed Reducer SAF Low Output Helical Worm Reducer Gear box Domestic OEM Helical Speed Reducer S series Hot Sale Hollow Shaft Worm Speed Gear Motor Helical Worm Gear Speed Reducer Vertical Shaft Gearbox Flange Mounted Helical Worm Gear Motor Solid Shaft Hot Sale S series Vessel Speed Reducer S Series Helical Worm Speed Reducer for Winch 

Cycloidal Reducers

BLD Series Vertical Reducer

Cycloidal Gear Speed Reducer BLED/XLED Double reduction Horizontal and Vertical Cycloidal Reducer with IEC Motor Cast Iron Speed Cycloidal Reducer gearbox For Industrial Pinwheel Cycloidal Reducer Gearbox for Light Industry Large Reduction Ratio Shaft Output Two Stage Gearbox Large Reduction Ratio One Stage Cycloidal Electric Motor X/B Series Foot Mounted Cycloidal Motor Gearbox XLD9 Cycloidal Gear Reducer For Paper Machinery Cyclo Pinwheel Gearmotor for Wood Processing Reducer X /B Series Planetary Cycloidal Drive Power Transmission Heat Planetary Mechanical Speed Variator Gearmotor Cyclo Drive Gear Speed Reducer NORD Standard XWY XLY Model Pin Wheel Cycloidal Gearbox Hot Sale Cycloidal Gear Motor for Packing Machine XLD9 Cycloidal Gearbox Reducer for Paper Machinery WB Series Cycloidal Gearbox Reducer Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox for Sale B Series Vertical Shaft Helical Gearbox Cycloidal Pinwheel Deceleration Gear Box XWE Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Speed Reducer 

BWD Horizontal Reducer

Agricultural Reduction Gearbox Comer Gear Motor 2:1 Ratio Automatic Wind Turbine Gearbox Comer Agricultural Gearbox Agricultural Tractor Transmission XWD Eccenrtic Pinwheel Cyclo Gearbox Reducer Servo Stepper Hydraulic Motor Planetary Gearboxes 20hp Marine Reverse Cycloidal Gearbox Reducer Tractor Reverse Shaft Mounted Reduction Gearbox Good Safety Cycloidal Gearbox for Mixer Low Consumption XWD5/BWD5 Cycloidal Sumitomo Gearbox Reduction Gearboxes Cycloid Retard for Crane Gearboxes X Series XLED Vertical Cyclo Reduction Gear Box XW5 XW7 Model Planetary Horizontal Cycloidal Gearmotors Long Life Small Daftar Harga Cycloid Planetary Gearbox 1500 Rpm Gearbox Cycloid Pin Wheel Decelerators Cycloidal Pinwheel Reduction Cyclo Drive Flange Mounted Cycloidal Gearbox for Ceramic Machine High Quality Durable speed Reducer Gearbox 0.75kw Cycloidal B Series Aluminum Alloy Cycloidal Speed Reducer Factory Outlet Cycloidal Reducer For Stir Smaller Sizes Power Pin Wheel Cycloidal Gearbox 

BLE Series Single Stage Drive Reducer

Cycloidal Pinwheel Speed Reduction Gear Reducer XLED/BLED Cycloidal Flange Mounted 2-Stage Gearbox 8000 Series XLE Cycloidal Planetary Gearbox For Mixer Miniature XLED Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer Inventory Products XLD Cycloid Gear Speed Reducer BLED Series Planetary Cycloidal Pin Wheel Gearbox 18 Kinds Reduction Ratio Cycloid Speed Reducer Gearbox Industrial Doule Stage Cycloidal Reduction Gearbox Cycloidal Series Gearbox for Concrete Slabs Machine XLE Planetary Cycloid Pin Gear Speed Reducer Set BLED Series Gearbox Cycloidal Gear Reducer Model BLE JIAYOU Brand Reduction Wheel Speed Reducer XB Series High Torque Cycloidal Gear Speed Reducer CNC Machine Tools XWD8 Cycloidal Pin-wheel Drive Paper Cutters Sumitomo Type Cyclo Drive Mixer Gearbox Different Mounted Direction B9 Cycloidal Gear Reducer 

BWE Series Two Stage Drive Reducer

BWED Reducer Double Stage Cycloidal Gear Reducer XWED BWE3322 Cycloidal Pinwheel Speed Reducer Cycloidal Gearmotor BWE Honrizontal Flange Mounted Cyclo Vertical Flange Mount Reducer with Motor X Series Cycloidal Reducer for Polyethylene Container Reduction Gear Motor for Sandwich Bread Toast Plate Cylindrical Gearbox Bonway Cycloidal Gear Box Reducer BWED Cycloidal Speed Reducer for Mining Equipment Cyclo Speed Reducer Series Flange Mounted Gear Box High Performance XWD Series Cycloid Pinwheel Reducer High quality Long Duration Time Gear Motor Reducer Cycloidal Gear Reducer Foot Mounted Cyclo Gearmotor BWE Double Stage Gear Wheel Reducer BWE2215 Cycloidal Drive Gearbox Reducer Xb Series Gear Motor With Recycle System Cycloidal Gear Reducer Gearmotor for Chain Conveyor Cyclo Pinwheel Gearmotor for Wood Processing Equipment Cycloid Pinwheel Speed Reducer with Individual Generators XWD/BWD Cycloidal Drive Gear Variable Speed Reducers JIAYOU Cycloidal Gear Motor Reducer BWED 

Reducers Used In Chemical Reactor

Cycloidal Reducers For Kettle

Cycloidal Speed Reducer Transmission Heating and Plumbing Cycloidal Speed Reducer for Bending Rolling Machine Helical Speed Gearbox Rack and Explosion proof Motor Chemical Reactor Painting Mixing Tank Kettle Gearmotor Stainless Steel Kettle Jacketed Chemical Resin Vessel 7.5KW Chemical Hot Melt Adhesive Heating Reactor Kettle Cycloidal Pin Gear Reactor Reducer With Motor Industrial Glass Jacketed Reaction Vessel Tank Vessel 1000L Reaction Kettle Stirred Tank Chemical Reactor Stainless Steel Chemical Reactor with Speed Gearbox 

Helical Speed Reducer For Kettle

Cycloidal Speed Reducer for Bending Machine RF Inline Flanged Helical Gearmotor for Chemical Reactor Chemical Reduced Pressure Jacketed Reactor with Gearbox Jacketed Stainless Steel Reactor with Helical Reducer Thermal Heated Chemical Reactor Tank with Gearbox Thermal Oil Heated Chemical Reactor Tank With Motor Paint Mixing Tank Reaction Kettle Chemical Mixing Reactors Automatic Resin Reaction Kettle 200l Speed Reducer Reaction Tank with Helical Pin Gear Speed Reducer Distillation Reactor Vacuum with Mixing Motor and Reducer 


Explosion-proof Electric Machine

YVP Series Three Phase Asynchronous Motor For Pumps Flame Proof YB3 series Explosion-proof Induction Motor Efficiency Used in Undergound Mine Explosion-Proof Motors Flame Proof Motors YB3 Explosion Proof Induction Motor Reversible Induction Motor 4 Pole 230v Foot Mounted Water Proof Three-Phase Electrical Motor for Reducer IE3 50HP 4 Poles Three Phase Electric Motor Y2 Three Phase Induction Blower and Motor Reliable Well Known Induction Asynchronous Motor for Machine High Protection Grade Explosion-Proof Motor with Flange High Efficiency Motor for Rubber Mixing Mill CNE 3 Phase Motor 2P Explosion Proof Motors 220v Single Phase 2hp Electric Induction Motor 1.5KW/2HP Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Best Quality Explosion Proof Motor for Conveyor Cast Iron Housing High Power Y3 Series Housing Iron Asynchronous Motor High Power Y2 3 Phase Induction Motor 100Hp YL801-4 Low Noise Long Life Three-phase Asynchronous Motor YB2 Series Explosion-proof ExdII ATEX Electric Motor 

Converter Motor

Variable Frequency Drive Motor IE3 Standard Y2VP YVP Series Three Phase Asynchronous Converter Motor YVP Three Phase Asynchronous Motor for SEW SIEMENS YVF Variable Frenquency Converter Effciency Motor YVP Three Phase Asynchronous Motor SEW Same Quality Frequency Converter Asynchronous Three Phase Motors Brushless DC Electrical Motor 220V/50HZ for Kettle Y2 Series Factory AC Electric Motor 4P 75KW YVP Series Variable Frequency B3 Asynchronous Motor Explosion-Proof Frequency Converter Motor for RF97 Y2 Series Factory AC Electric Motor 4P 22KW Motor For Coal Mine 75kW 985r/min Explosion-Proof YE3 Dewert Variable Frequency Motors for Reducer Explosion-proof Three Phase Induction Motor Y Seires Explosion Proof Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor Three Phase 380V Explosion Proof Electronic Motor Three phase IE3 Standard Explosion Proof Motor Explosion Proof Asynchronous Motor for Chemical Industry Explosion Proof Asynchronous Electric for Chemical Reactor Y series IE Explosion Proof Three Phase Motor 

Cycloid Accessories

Pinwheel Housing

Pinwheel Housing of Cycloidal Flange Mounted Speed Reducer 

Cycloidal Bearing

End Cover of Cycloidal Pinwheel Transmission Gear Motor Bearings of Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Speed Reducer 

Cycloid Wheel

Cycloid Wheel of Single Satge Cycloidal Speed Reducer Output Shaft of Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Speed Reducer Geatmotor Pinwheel Cycloidal For BLB15 

Output Shaft

Output Shaft of Cycloidal Pinwheel Transmission Gear Motor 

Planetary Gearbox X Series

Industrial Reduction X Series Planetary Cycloidal Gearbox Industrial Reduction X Series Planetary Cycloidal Gears X Series High Performance Cycloidal Gearmotor 

Reducer Frame

Gear Reducer Rack DJ

Cycloidal Reucer Frame for Chemical Reactor 

Gear Reducer Frame JB

Cycloidal Reducer JB Frame for Chemical Kettle 

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